The Coupe

OPEN 6PM to 4AM Every Night. Drinks and Food until 4AM.


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A world class cocktail experience on Staten Island

We are hard at work creating one of the best cocktail and nightlife experiences in Staten Island. Some of the top people in the cocktail world are collaborating for this project and we will do our best to provide the experience that you deserve.

A special thank you to:

Norman Dersharnais - Rockstar extraordinaire.

Edward Mango - Head bartender Bootleg Mannings and The Coupe

Samuel Stepney - Bartender, Bootleg Mannings, The Growler

James Colvil - Bartender Underdog, formerly at Bootleg Mannings

Mark Drew - Critical Mass Events, former bartender Milk & Honey London. World renown bar designer.

Ed Yuter - Glastender bar designer

George Christo - DoortoDoorRealty (possibly batman)

Sabrina Hamilton - DoortoDoorRealty design, architect

Dominick Ciccarelli - ThinkDesign architect

Mariel Calderone Brandi - Logo design

 Andrew Rice, GM of Attaboy cocktail bar in the LES Manhattan.


OPEN 6PM to 4AM Every Night. Drinks and Food until 4AM.  Phone: 718-269-0668